Mitrp̣hāph (มิตรภาพ) Friendship membership  Benefits

The COVID 19 pandemic has changed all aspects of our daily lives and business.  It is not the new normal but the ‘new way’ until a vaccine is found.  It is now more important than ever to establish strong reliable networks for our daily and business lives. 

Hence, we are pleased to announce the Friendship Club.  The name is under process for business registration in Thailand and we will have our launch event in Bangkok soon.


Unlike most networking groups in Thailand that are predominantly either meetings of Thais with a few foreigners OR mostly foreigners with a few Thais our goal will be to have an even mix of Thais and Foreigners.

Each event will be carefully planned to have purpose.  Start with 15 minutes of speed meeting where participants will briefly introduce themselves to others.  Thai and foreign participants will have the opportunity to improve their non-native language skills.

  1. Make new friends.

  2. Thais improve their English skills and knowledge of overseas cultures. (there will be regular meetings focused for Thais to improve their English-speaking skills

  3. English speakers improve their Thai skills and knowledge of Thai culture.

  4. Regular networking events at major cities around Thailand putting local guidelines on health and safety first. 

  5. When travelling within Thailand member contacts who can help with your visit to their city.

  6. Annual conference rotating around major cities in Thailand.

  7. Guest speakers, experts in their field sharing information of value to members.

  8. Meet likeminded individuals who can share their experiences with employment, visa rules, taxation, local matters and more.

  9. If you are a new arrival; other members can help with local information various neighbourhoods, where to live, local attractions, do’s, and don’ts etc.

  10. Rewards from partner service providers such as Restaurants, Hotels, Travel Insurance, car rental and more.   See actual examples of offers using the search form below.


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